Hotstar special Aarya

Hotstar Special Aarya released – Here are the details

Hotstar has released the most awaited web series Aarya and got a superb response from the audience. Sushmita Sen, coming back to the cinema after a long time with this web series Aarya. The original got 8.6 out of 10 on the movie rating platform IMDB. Here are the details of the Hotstar specials Aarya.

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Hotstar Special Aarya Synopsis

Born into an upper-class family in Rajasthan, Aarya is a doting wife, an obedient daughter, a loving sister and a dedicated mother to three beautiful children. But when her ten-year-old is suspended for threatening a student with her husband’s illegal gun in school, Aarya’s idyllic world begins to unravel. She threatens Tej with divorce unless he walks away from her father’s pharma business, which is simply a façade for the illegal opioid racket.

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As Tej tries to extravagate himself, he is brutally shot and eventually dies. A devastated Aarya is now faced with a dilemma. While she may have distanced herself from her family’s ugly realities in the past, she is now at its centre taking over and getting sucked into the murkiness and deceit of it all. Aarya tries to balance her children’s well being and safety while trying to uncover the shocking truth about who killed her husband.

Aarya  Crime, Drama, Thriller | TV Series (2020– ) 8.6
Stars: R. Bhakti Klein, Vikas Kumar, Jagdish RajpurohitSummary: When her world suddenly turns upside down, will Aarya become the very thing she hated?How far will she go to survive and protect her family?


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Hotstar Special Aarya Characters

Here are the details of all lead characters of this crime, drama and thriller web series.

Sushmita Sen as Aarya

An epitome of the modern woman, Aarya is the strength that powers everyone around her. But deep within, there is anxiety knowing that the world she lives in flawed. Born to a family that deals in drugs
with the cover of pharmaceuticals, Aarya’s morality has always been in conflict with her family’s business and their world.

Yet her love for this same family is also her weakness. She brushes things under the carpet of convenience and happiness till the day the world of drugs and guns comes to haunt her. From a woman reluctant to take on the male world of drugs, she eventually runs this world on her fingertips, how much ever she may hate it.

Chandrachur as Tej Sareen

Aarya’s husband Tej gets involved in her family business of pharmaceuticals and opium when her father Zorawar falls ill. Tej may not be a great business negotiator, but at home, he is a doting father and a loving husband. Faced with an ultimatum from Aarya to quit the business, Tej decides to
rat out against his own business partners. This results in his death and shatters Aarya’s carefully sanitized world away from drugs and the mafia.

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Vikash Kumar Jagadale as ACP Khan

ACP Khan is a sincere anti-narcotics officer, determined to bust the crime network emerging from drugs and opioids. Khan is after Aarya’s family and anyone who can help him bust Aaryam Pharma’s discreet drug dealings. Through the series, Khan becomes Aarya’s roadblock and her biggest
irritant who doesn’t let her breathe easily. While Khan continues to be on Aaryaa’s trail, he ironically turns her into an ally in breaking the invincible web of the drug network of Rajasthan.

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Manish Choudhary as Shekhawat

Gang wars, Police trails, Blackmailing, Soft and direct threats, Flirtatious comments, Friendly gestures, Convincing arguments, Shekhawat will use and break every rule in the book to get Aaryaa to compensate for his business loss. A debt he claims she owes him as Tej’s widow because he ‘stole’ a heroin consignment meant for the Russians. He is Aarya’s nemesis and archrival, who forces her into the drug business by putting her through undue physical and financial pressure. Even before
Shekhawat can get Aarya killed, Aarya makes sure that he doesn’t remain a further threat to her.

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Sikander Kher as Daulat

Daulat is Zorawar’s confidante and faithful Man Friday. Daulat is so fiercely loyal to Zorawar that he will not weigh right or wrong, and will take Zorawar’s word as the command etched on stone. Even if it means foregoing his love and feelings for Aarya.

Namit Das as Jawahar

Jawahar is Tej and Sangram’s business partner and loyal friend. Even though he has been faithful towards them, he has always been the third fiddle in their world. Jawahar is the cokehead and the greedy one. But he is not disloyal. Jawahar uses all kinds of crooked means to get Aaryaa to
pay on his behalf including blackmailing her and planning her murder.

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