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Hotstar Special Hundred – A thriller drama web series

Hotstar released the web series Hundred in the month of May 2020. It was liked by its subscribers and received positive responses from critics. The story is about two women, wanted to accomplish their goals within 100 days. Therefore, its title is Hundred.

The web series is available on Hotstar US, India, UK and Canada.

Series plot

A terminally ill girl looking for thrills is hired to be an undercover agent by an ambitious female cop looking to become the next DCP. Two bold women unite to accomplish their respective goals within a 100 days. As both begin to empower each other and take unimaginable risks to achieve their goals their lives begin to change in unforeseeable ways. Only, that one person may be lying and the other may soon pay the price for it. Perhaps with her own life.

Let me share the main characters of this Hotstar special Hundred.

Hundred  Comedy, Drama | 30min | TV Series (2020– ) 6.9
Stars: Lara Dutta, Rinku Rajguru, Karan WahiSummary: An unapologetic and frustrated ACP teams up with an honest civil worker who teams up to accomplish their personal objectives.


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Hotstar special Hundred Characters

The main characters of this web series are as follows:-


Lara Dutta has played the role of Shoumya Shukla. Saumya Shukla is an upright and courageous cop. But she is resented, disempowered and goes uncredited in the police force, where all she wants is admiration.  Frustrated that her every effort to drive a case is blocked by her senior  and juniors alike, it is no help that her batch-mate and husband has raced ahead in the ranks. This takes a toll on her relationship as well, for no fault of his! 

But Saumya is a fighter. When she is shunted out of the job she used to excel at, she decides to play a wildcard. And she finds a wildcard in Nethra – an unassuming girl with a death wish. Fueled by Nethra’s daredevil bravado and skills, Soumya surges ahead to go after her promotion. At some point however, her scruples to get to her goals will reveal the unthinkable to Nethra.

Netra Patil

The role of Netra Patil has been performed by Rinku Raajguru. Nethra Patil has given up her hopes and dreams to fill the void her mother left in their family and of course, that pay gap! Working her mother’s mundane government desk job, she also waits hand and foot on thelazy deadbeat men of her family.

Highly perceptive and intelligent, she is frustrated with living a dull life. Until, she finds out that she has just about 100 days to live AND runs into Soumya, who identifies her need for living out of bounds and offers her a unique opportunity. Now Nethra 2.0 has a bucket list and limitless courage to fulfill her dreams. Little does she know, however, that her reckless determination to live life to the fullest is being controlled by the woman who’s given her a second life.

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Hotstar special hundred


The character of Maddy played by actor Karan Wahi. Embarrassed by his name, Manohar prefers to be called Maddy. A  struggling rapper who was once busted by Saumya in a rave party, he has since become her informant. Gradually, a bit more! While Soumya considers Maddy her occasional indulgence from the frustration of work and home, Maddy is truly in love with her.

A charming guy with a good heart, his only goal is to make a music video which gets viral success. By the end of season one, Soumya realizes she should make a clean break with Maddy to protect her career. Maddy does go viral by the end of it all. Just not through a rap song but a drunk heartbroken confession which makes its way to national TV and Pravin!

Rajeev Sidharth as SHANTANU

Straight as a spade, Shantanu, a relationship manager at a bank, truly believed in working hard, paying taxes and living an honest life. But when he saw people with black money convert it into white with the help of bank employees he started getting jaded. Involved in betting circles, once he couldn’t repay his debt and by a sheer chance of fate met Sattu Satara, who ran the betting ring old school style.

Having identified Shantanu’s talents with numbers and management, Sattu hires him in the group instead and low behold! Shantanu reinvents Sattu’s business developing an app which brings him into direct conflict with  ‘bhai’s’ wrath. Shantanu’s encounter with Nethra happens around the time when he discreetly is part of money laundering for a politician to get back at ‘bhai’.

Initially he finds her spunk and loudmouth mode really bizarre however as time passes, he starts enjoying her company and starts to love her. Unfortunately it is just then that he finds out the lie about Nethra’s terminal illness that even she is unaware of.

When he discovers Netra link to Soumya, he feels betrayed and exploited imagining she has sold him and Sattu out to the cop. By the end of the season, he cuts his ties completely setting her on a dangerous path of revenge.

Sudhansu Pandey as Praveen

Saumya’s husband and DCP Narcotics Enforcement Bureau, Pravin is a good man but can’t understand his wife’s frustrations. He wants to help her, but Soumya insists she doesn’t want his favours in getting ahead. A considerate husband, Pravin attempts to balance the domestic camaraderie and tension at work that his and Saumya’s life keeps oscillating between.

Unaware of Soumya’s underhanded tactics to win a promotion and public fame, Pravin gradually begins to despair seeing Soumya gain favours with an opposing politician by flouting her senior Anshuman’s orders. Just when he least expects it, he realizes Soumya has secrets that is going to change everything between them.

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